Pakistan’s first electric mobility sharing operator. A fast, convenient, and sustainable electric bike sharing service. They have been running in Islamabad for the past two years. They have 425 electric scooters, 65000 customers, and 20000 annual capacities. ezBike is fuel efficient, multi-billion revenue opportunity. They aim to set up battery swapping stations along KE’s grids among other proposals.

Founders/Researchers: Syed Mohammad Hadi, Ali Moeen.
Challenge Goal 7: Efficient, modern, sustainable energy for all.
Stage of Development: Solution ready for pilot and deployment.
Mentors: Ayesha Akhtar and Ali Aslam.


EzGeyser is a smart thermostat for domestic geysers with complete automation including scheduled operation, self-ignition, and real-time status aimed at solving the problem of high consumption, inefficient usage, and wastage of gas. It caters to SDGs 7, 11, 12, 13. Plan to launch an “Instant” electric Geyser, which is the most efficient and cost-effective, easy-to-install/operate solution for Karachi’s needs. The goal is to deploy metropolitan-grade smart networks that enable applications such as smart metering, network, and infra monitoring, asset monitoring etc.

Founders/Researchers: Ashar Bazeb Saeed, Malik Naveed Akhtar.
Challenge Goals 7 & 11: Efficient modern sustainable energy for all and sustainable cities.
Stage of Development: Solution ready for piloting.
Mentors: Humza Khan and Muhammad Ali.


A meter reading retrofit device using Low Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) that snaps onto traditional electric meters and captures their readings. It caters to the problems in manual meter reading such as limited real time data, no power demand prediction, etc. The device attaches externally onto the existing meters and provides High Frequency individual consumer level data. It comes at a cost up to 10 times lower than traditional smart meters but still offers all of the same features.

Founders/Researchers: Daniyal Ahmed, Hammad Safeer, Najeeb Iqbal, Muhd. Mustaqim.
Challenge Statement 9: Meter reading automation.
Stage of Development: Prototype ready to productize and pilot.
Mentors: Kamran Kamil and Moiz Ishaq.


A Novel insulator design, to solve tripping issues in high voltage transmission lines. Seeks to design and develop a novel insulator that auto-cleans contamination and dust through better airflow thus reducing flashover using aerodynamics as passive control to the solve tripping issues in high voltage transmission lines. Aero-insulator is designed using modelling and simulation and will be developed through local industry. It is a better design requiring lesser cleaning and performs efficiently under any environment.

Founders/Researchers: Dr. Imran Akhtar, Dr Zafar Bangash, Fahad Ra‑ Butt.
Challenge Statement 4: Pre-emptive fault prevention.
Stage of Development: Concept/design ready for prototyping.
Mentors: Kashif Iqbal Ghazi and Imran Chaudhry.


OptimaLoad is an electricity management system designed to balance the load automatically at the distribution side, and thus reducing the losses that arise due to unbalanced load. Optimaload comprises of sensory and actuators nodes that monitor and control the load distribution among multiple phases by forecasting and optimizing the load distribution pattern among multiple consumers interconnected to M2M and loT technology.

Founders/Researchers: Muhammad Bilal Khan, Dr Gul Muhammad Khan, Wagma Farid, Mansoor Khan.
Challenge Statement 4: Pre-emptive fault prevention.
Stage of Development: Prototype ready to productize and pilot.
Mentors: Bilal Mirza and Zakir Ali Rizwe


Orko provides an operating system for the electric vehicle (EV) industry in Pakistan. Core products / capabilities include:

(i) a SaaS platform for charging stations to help improve utilization and provide asset optimization services, and
(ii) a consumer app for all different types of EV owners to find, book & pay for charging sessions and track the performance of EVs.

Founders/Researchers: Muhammad Talha Khan, Kashif Ali Khan, Ali Mojiz.
Challenge Statement 8: Real-time information management.
Stage of Development: Solution ready for pilot and deployment.
Mentors: Abdul Samad and Naveed Afzal.


Electricity Distribution System Improvement Through Dynamic GIS based Asset Management for short- and medium-term load forecasting as critical to planning. Short Term Load Forecasting is vital for Economic Dispatch, Unit Commitment, System Balancing, Contingency Planning. Medium Term Load Forecasting is important for Fuel Ordering, Demand Side Management, Scheduled Maintenance, and Tariff Design. LUMS has already won a PKR 10M grant from NCGSA for system development.

Founders/Researchers: Huzaifa Rauf, Dr. Naveed Arshad, Owais Khan.
Challenge Statement 6:  Predictive demand planning.
Stage of Development: Concept/design ready for co-development.
Mentors: Faisal Mairaj, Farqud Raza and Humza Khan.


Smart Transformer Health Monitoring system that allows both status and health monitoring and provides early warnings for emerging faults. To solve the problem of faulty transformers and resulting dangers, it offers monitoring of parameters, onsite analysis, result findings, and system interface through an Al based transformer mounted, OT enabled, amort, online embedded system for automatic load and health monitoring and diagnosing system of transformer.

Founders/Researchers: Dr Syed Sajjad Haider Zaidi, M Khizar Abbas,Dr Bilal Muhammad Khan, S M Ali Minhal, Shehzad Haider, Muhammad Abduallah.
Challenge Statement 1 & 4: Efficient fault detection and pre-emptive fault prevention.
Stage of Development: Prototype ready to productize and pilot.
Mentors: Ebrahim Hoosain and Talha Qureshi.


An enterprise SaaS platform for rapid assembly and launching of branded lot applications for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. They cater to SDG 7 with their customizable yet scalable lot Platform and an extensive network of lot hardware suppliers and system integrators. Businesses use Thingsty to provide their clients with real-time information depending on the nature of their use case.

Founders/Researchers: Ather Nadeem.
Challenge Theme:  Plus – Technology for enterprise agility.
Stage of Development:  Product ready for piloting.
Mentors: Haseeb Uddin Sheikh and Sohaib Qadir.


A drone based aerial geospatial solution provider for aerial and land survey solutions for inspection, predictive maintenance, and current condition reporting. VTOL Dynamics was the first to bring M300 and H20t sensors and put them on industrial grade drones to carry out over 1200 km of transmission line inspections in Karachi. Allows real time data capture and video through 3/4/5G at 0.1 sec latency and use of Al for detection enabling fast fault finding and decision making.

Founders/Researchers: Naved Ali, Syed Azmat Ullah, Abdul Mateen Siddiqui
Challenge Statement 1 & 4: Efficient fault detection and pre-emptive fault prevention.
Stage of Development: Solution ready for development.
Mentors: Haroon Abdullah and Faizan Hashmi.